We will have a stall at the following dates and times. See information below.

  • 2021
  • FEB 24 - MAR 2
  • MAR 24 - MAR 30
  • MAR 31 - APR 6
  • APR 14 - APR 20
  • APR 23 - APR 27
  • MAY 5 - MAY 11
  • MAY 19 - MAY 25
  • MAY 26 - JUN 1
  • JUN 19 - JUN 20
  • SEP 8 - SEP 14
     Shizuoka-Fuji city(Isetan)
  • SEP 23 - SEP 27
  • SEP 29 - OCT 5
  • OCT 20 - OCT 26
  • OCT 27 - NOV 2
  • NOV 10 - NOV 16
  • NOV 17 - NOV 23
  • DEC 8 - DEC 14

Brand Concept

Brand ConceptBrand ConceptWear your favorite Edo style! We have everything from traditional Edo Period patterns to unique bespoke designs.


We can create custom-made items, from clothing to smaller goods,
using over 400 types of Edo pattern hand-dyed textiles.
(‘Semi-order’ System)
Customers can purchase items already on display,
which have been created by Designers Direct, in their preferred size.
(Custom-made items will be ready 8 to 12 weeks after an order is placed.
For more details, please contact our staff.)

Photo Gallery

Brand ConceptBrand ConceptEdo Pattern Dyeing (a traditional dyeing method known as chuzen) ’Wagumi no d‘ Items under the brand name ‘Wagumi no d’ are carefully crafted by the hands of artisans – hand-dyed and handmade. Designs evoking the Edo Period still retain their style in a modern setting. Our items express the Japanese cultural elegance of Edo whilst preserving its identity and intelligence.



Designer Message

Japan has four seasons and from a long time ago, customs and fashion have existed in accordance with the flow of nature.
People design patterns with you to feel the seasons and be able to live in harmony with nature and it is easily recognized even today.
We believe that we can convey the essence of living with nature by wearing seasonal clothes, made to the traditions passed down by our ancestors.
Why don’t you place yourself into a time which is in harmony with nature?

CREATIVE HOUSE Wagumi-d Noriko Matsushita

Designer ProfileDesigner Profile

1948 Born in Nagasaki.
1971-1977 Joined Women's clothing store. (After graduation from university, returned to Nagasaki.)
1980-1981 Studied for one year in Italy and other European countries.
1980-2002 Activity as import brand buyer. (Europe,America,Asia)
1981-1989 Expanded business into Tokyo, producing several domestic and import apparel companies.
Planned and produced seven specialty shops, and developed hit products.
1986-1998 Engaged in executive training and zoning and coordination of entire floors for department stores.
2000 Participated in the launch of five new shops as a surface designer. And produced five shops.
2002 Launched ‘d-brand’.